Imagine you find yourself trapped in a mysterious room and you must find the way out. Inside that room almost anything could be a hint or helpful in order to free yourself. That is how a typical Live Exit Game works. Our escape games are more than an “ordinary” jailbreak: Slip into a new role, delve into an unique story and feel like a movie hero on his/her mission.

From the 3rd of April 2022 onward, all government-mandated Covid safety measures in Bavaria will cease. We will keep some of our hygiene measures out of good habit.

While we do recommend you wear a mask for your own protection, it is up to you to do so.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you either way!

You may only book the game “Out Of Control” for 2 to 5 players using your MyDays voucher. The offer is not available on saturdays.

You may only book the game “Out Of Control” for 2 to 5 players. Any additional players will be charged per person with the price depending on the size of your group. You may also view this information on the corresponding Jochen Schweizer website using the path “THE ESCAPE ROOMS” > “Locations in Bavaria” > “Ottobrunn (Munich area)”.

Yes. However it is not as bad as in jail ;)

Yes! In case of an emergency you will find a panic button which aborts the game irrevocably and immediately unlocks the door.

In any case after one hour at the latest the game is over and the door will unlock automatically.

Not more than watching a movie in the cinema – apart from the risk of addiction. :)
If you have a heart pacemaker or something similar, please contact us before booking.

Don't worry - you don't have to go on a blind date when playing a game at One Hour Left ;)
After you book your desired slot, the Escape Room will be exclusively available for you at that date. You only play with those people you bring along.

You can book on short notice until a couple of hours before the respective date via our booking-calendar (you find the calendar on the particular escape room page underneath the description of the room).

This is not spontaneously enough for you and your team? You would prefer to play an escape game in the next hour? No problem – send us an e-mail or give us a call and we drop everything for you ;)
Seriously: We reply to your request as soon as possible and most of the time we are available on short notice too. Please specify in your e-mail when you want to play and how we can reach you best (your mobile number would be helpful). Thereupon we will contact you as soon as possible and sort everything else out.

You can find all our contact information under contact.

Any person aged 8 or older. Children younger than 14 only when accompanied by parents/legal guardian. Persons aged 14 or older may attend without such limitation.
Unfortunately our rooms are not suitable for children younger than 8. In the rooms animals are not allowed.

Let’s say it that way: You will neither go to the Opera, nor have to muck out a stable. Your everyday clothes are appropriate. Main thing is you feel comfortable.

General knowledge and common sense will be sufficient.

Let’s make a little test: Two parrots flew. One was green, the other – eastward. How much is a kilo of rusty nails? If you can’t answer this question – you are welcome at One Hour Left! :)

If you can read and understand this question, your English is good enough for our escape games and won’t limit the fun factor.

Normally most of our rooms are spacious. For more detailed information concerning our rooms please contact us before the booking.

Of course (English), Natürlich (Deutsch), конечно (русский)!

For some of our escape games ("Out of control") we even offer french (Français), italian (Italiano) and chinese versions.

All our language versions were translated by native speakers to ensure the best experience for our international players.

You can chose the language when booking the game.

Please arrive at our place with your friends 5 minutes before the booked appointment. We reward your punctuality by providing free drinks and snacks. Mmmm… Yummy! Yummy Yummy Yummy, I got food in my tummy…

Please do not be late, because we have to start on time in respect to following groups. If you arrive late we reserve the right to reduce your playing time in order to keep up with the schedule.

Normally 2-5 people. For detailed information please visit the particular escape room page.

You can pay either cash (in Euro) or by card. We accept most common debit and credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Accepted cards include Maestro, VPay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and UnionPay.

We would prefer gold but this would break the law.

You pay directly before the start of the escape game at our place.

No worries, nothing gets lost here. First please check your spam/junk folder. If you do not receive a confirmation-e-mail within one hour after the booking, it is best to send us an e-mail immediately. You can find our contact details under the menu item “contact”.

Good news: You don't have to do anything. In fact, you can still change the number of players right until the game starts. The price depends on the number of players, so when you pay, we will just adapt the price.

First of all, congratulations! :)
Regarding your question: Visit our homepage, select the escape room of your choice and book your desired date. On that day please do not forget to bring your gift voucher ... and enjoy your adventure. :)

Of course! Just let us know early enough and we can certainly organize something.

If you yet don’t have time for our escape game, only a date with the love of your life or a job interview for your dream job can be the reason... Okay, you don’t have to tell us the real reason but please inform us as soon as possible that you won’t keep the appointment: Just send us an e-mail or give us a call as early as possible.

Please note that your booking can only be cancelled free of charge until 48 hours prior to your appointment. After that deadline a 50.- EUR cancellation fee will apply.

Yahooo, finally a factual question. Well:
1. Visit our homepage or the “Game”-page
2. Select one of the escape rooms
3. Scroll down and select your desired day and time in the calendar
4. Type in your information that is required for the booking and make your reservation

And do not forget to read your confirmation email that contains further information.

Please press the menu item “contact”. There you find all the information how to get to our premises best and how you can contact us.

Please send us a short e-mail (it is best to reply to the confirmation-e-mail of your booking). If the e-mail got lost, you can call us too. You find the telephone number and our e-mail address under the menu item “contact”. It is only 2 minutes for you, for us it is – 2 hours that we can spend on the development of new Quests. ;)

Please note that your booking can only be cancelled free of charge until 48 hours prior to your appointment. After that deadline a 50.- EUR cancellation fee will apply.

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