Teambuilding means more than just facing a difficult task together. Teambuilding is about building good relationships.

 Many studies show that different kinds of characters, styles of leadership and motivations are necessary to make the process of working together on a project successful.
Escape games are perfect for turning a group of individuals into a functioning team.

Why choose an escape game?

The participation in an Escape the Room / Live Exit Game is especially suitable as a teambuilding activity for smaller groups. Lone fighters have a poor chance of winning, as for solving the tasks within the rooms it takes many different skills. You need to have a team spirit, show open-mindedness and communicate well with each other. Furthermore, the combination of your skills will make the difference. This way, you can tell very easily and effectively how well or poorly the team members work together and if they form a good team.

Duel mode

For groups of 6-12 players, we offer the duel mode. This means splitting up in two teams, play the rooms against each other and it’s twice more fun! Additionally, we offer you a 10 % discount on the regular price!

The two teams play two of our escape rooms at the same time. After the first round the teams will swap the rooms, so that each team plays both rooms. The duel mode will take approximately 2.5 hours. In between the two rounds, you will get a short recovery break and we offer you free soft drinks.

Appointments outside our regular opening hours are possible.

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