Company retreat or Party

Events for large groups

You are more than 7 people and want to play our Escape Rooms together?


Here you can book 2-3 Escape Rooms at once. Suitable for any occasion, whether for a company event, team building, bachelor party (JGA), children’s birthday party, as a family or with friends and colleagues. 

If it is important to you that you also start at the same time or if you have other questions, you can write to us via contact form. Appointments outside our regular opening hours are possible in principle. We are happy to make special prices for youth facilities and schools.

  • for 7-21 persons
  • 2-3 rooms at the same time
  • joint start times possible
  • german | english
  • perfect teambuilding!
We can reach a match participant on the match day itself under this number.
We are closed on Mondays.
players: 7
estimated players at that time // Please note: If there are fewer people involved in the game on the day, don't worry - payment will only be made on site.
Please note the minimum age and the maximum number of players per room - thank you! //"Out of control" (+11 years) "Psychosis" (+16 years) / "Hypnosis" (+14 years) "Meltdown" level 2+ (+12 years)"Out of control" max. 7 people "Psychosis"/"Hypnosis" max. 6 people "Meltdown" level 2+ - max. 8 people

“Out of control” we switch synchronously on specific request. 

After your request, we will check whether there are enough Gamemasters available for your desired date and time. You will then receive a temporary reservation during which you can check whether everything is suitable for you.  If you agree to the booking, we will book the agreed date for you and you will receive a confirmation of the date.

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Our rooms are designed for an average of 4-6 people, so it is guaranteed to be fun. If you absolutely want to play with one more person, that is possible, but we personally advise against it.

The maximum sizes are individual per room:

Out of Control: 7 people | Psychosis: 6 people | Meltdown: 8 people 

If you have more than 7 people, we recommend booking several rooms at the same time. 

You should know that our rooms are generally a bit more difficult than the average in Munich and the surrounding area. In particular, those who have played rooms of the first generation (combination locks and so on) can have a somewhat more difficult time then expected.

Our categories primarily help beginners and advanced players to choose their room. In general, however, our game masters will accompany you individually and will help you if you need assistance.

For classification purposes, we use the following levels: “Out of Control” (Level 1), “Psychosis” (Level 2), “Meltdown” (Level 2, +12 years), (Level 3, Advanced*) , (Level 4 Frequent Players).

Why the difficulty level is only a guide: Whether a room is easy, medium or difficult for you personally depends on many factors. What did you learn in your childhood? How do you look at the world? What filters determine how you take in information? How quickly can you deal with new situations?

So what level of difficulty a room has for you personally depends on you, your teammates, their number, your perspectives and your communication skills.

(*We recommend having played 3-5 rooms per person beforehand for the full fun of the game).

Our Escape Games are usually available in German and English:

Our room “Out of Control” is also playable in Russian, Italian, French and Chinese (translations by native speakers).

Please select the desired language during the booking process.

You pay directly on site.

Until then, your number of players can still change for various reasons, so we can settle everything in one go – convenient for both sides 🙂.

You can pay us in cash in euro or with card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. We accept all major debit and credit cards (Maestro, VPay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and UnionPay).

We would prefer gold, but unfortunately that is against the law.

Please note that the “girocard” via Apple Pay is unfortunately not currently accepted by our card terminals due to technical limitations over which we have no control.

The Escape Game is booked and I have received the confirmation email – when do I have to be there?

On the day in question, please arrive 5 minutes before the booked time or on time. Do not arrive earlier, as we may have to take care of previous guests.

For birthday parties or company events, we always recommend the combination Out of Control & Psychosis, as their difficulty levels are closer together and it is more common that more than half of the group has no gaming experience. If you are more than 12 people, it is best to choose Meltdown (Youth Mode) +12.  

In general, you should know that our difficulty level is somewhat harder than the average in and around Munich. Especially those who have played rooms of the first generation (combination locks and so on) might have a harder time with us.

Out of Control is well suited for beginners and fresh Escape Room fans. 

For those who are scared – Psychosis (+16) is our “most family-friendly scary” 😉 in and around Munich and there is more laughing than crying in the room – we promise! Hypnosis is for those who want to experience the fun of the game but would be a bit too scared for the scary version. The puzzle elements are the same, effects and story are two different things here.

Meltdown (Level 3) is recommended for players in your group who have played at least 3-5 rooms each. The room is very cool, but your frustration tolerance has to be correspondingly high, so it helps to have a bit of practice.

Depending on how many rounds you want to play you have to calculate different times for the complete event. 

1 round = ca. 75 minutes

There is no waiting time. This is suitable, among others, for groups that have little time. Non-alcoholic soft drinks can be purchased on site.

2 rounds = ca. 150 minutes

Between the 2 rounds there is a halftime break of 5 to 15 minutes, as desired. The team then changes to one of the opposing rooms. Non-alcoholic soft drinks included!

Das ist unter anderem für Gruppen geeignet, die gerne in einem Wettbewerb spielen.

3 rounds = ca. 225 minutes

There are two breaks between the 3 rounds! Each group plays 3 rooms in a row. Non-alcoholic soft drinks included!

This event is suitable for groups who want to face the ultimate tournament of the year!

(only with 3 rooms at the same time)



Pursuing a goal together and mastering the game together: The sense of achievement in a team is 10 times greater than alone!



Fun and humor during the Escape Game additionally strengthen the learning and teambuilding effect.



Only together can you reach the game goal. The participation of each team member and the combination of individual skills maximize the chances of success.

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