“Experience your own movie while being the heroes solving the puzzles in the setting.” best describes the current generation of escaperooms. “One Hour Left” is one of Bavaria’s best examples for this.
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Out of Control – You are part of a special task force that is sent to a suspect’s apartment after an incident at the airport. Time is running out, because a diabolical plan is already in full swing – and only you and your team can stop it.

Cool Detective Escaperoom
Thriller - Horror Escape Game

Psychosis & Hypnosis -You and your team will explore the darkest corners of the subconscious mind
and gradually restore the patient’s memory until the truth finally comes to light. But be careful: some memories are better left hidden.

Meltdown – Simple job. Take your company’s latest crypto key, go to your toughest competitor and get their blueprint for the latest mini-modular reactor from the control room. Sounds simple, right?

Cooler Katastrophen Escaperoom

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You train your brain

Sure, you can do a crossword puzzle or use a trendy app. But wouldn’t you rather exercise your grey cells together with some friends?

Great Teambuilding

Whether you’re solving a complete crime or story puzzles, Escape Games require you to work as a team. That’s the only way you can escape safely and share a few laughs along the way.

Makes you and your friends happy

Solving difficult tasks provides a very special sense of achievement. As time progresses, the mystery of the story continues to reveal itself through your actions.

Better than Cinema

An Escape Game is like a movie that takes place in reality. And you experience the entire course of the story as the main actor:
Here, now and up close.

A great date for any occasion

Spend an unforgettable time and take the chance to prove your creativity and intelligence while solving the puzzles together. What could be more bonding than escaping together?